Here at Golden Circle Exterminators, we understand the importance of a pest-free environment in your Jackson, TN home. With over 40 years of experience, we take pride in offering top-notch pest control services that ensure the elimination of bugs while keeping them away for the long term. When it comes to choosing a reliable pest control company in Jackson, trust is key, and Golden Circle Exterminators is here to deliver.

Ant Control in Tennessee

Residential pest control solutions are crucial for maintaining a clean and safe living environment. Ant infestations, in particular, can lead to property damage, the spread of diseases, and an overall unpleasant living situation. That’s where professional residential pest control services come in. Our comprehensive solutions involve thorough inspections, customized treatment plans, and ongoing prevention measures to ensure a pest-free home for you and your family.

Our pest control programs are designed to effectively eliminate and prevent a wide range of pests, including ants, insects, rodents, and more. We prioritize the safety of your family and the environment, which is why our experienced technicians use safe and environmentally-friendly methods to rid your property of pests.

Ants are notorious for finding their way into homes, especially in the Jackson, TN area. Even the most diligent homeowners may find themselves dealing with an ant infestation at some point. At Golden Circle, we specialize in ant control and offer tailored solutions to protect your TN home from these unwanted invaders.

Ant Control Process

Our ant control process begins with the eradication of any current infestation. Our highly trained technicians apply safe and effective treatments in and around your home to eliminate ants that have made their way inside. We prioritize the safety of your family by using kid and pet-friendly treatment options.

Eliminating ants at the source is crucial to preventing future infestations. Our treatments are designed to impact not only the ants we spray but also those back at the colony. By targeting the source of the infestation, we can significantly reduce the likelihood of ants returning to your home.

To further safeguard your home, we create a chemical barrier around your property to deter ants from invading. Our treatments are long-lasting and provide continuous protection against ant infestations.

What Damages Can Ants Cause?

Ants, despite their small size, can cause a range of damages, both to property and potentially to health:

  1. Structural Damage: Certain species of ants, like carpenter ants, excavate wood to build their nests. Over time, this can weaken wooden structures in homes, decks, and other wooden elements of buildings. While they don’t eat wood like termites, carpenter ants can still cause significant structural damage through their nesting activities.
  2. Electrical Damage: Ants are attracted to warmth and moisture, which can lead them to electrical wiring and appliances. In their quest for shelter, they may nest in electrical outlets or appliances, potentially causing short circuits, malfunctions, or even electrical fires.
  3. Contamination of Food: Ants are notorious for their scavenging behavior, seeking out sources of food in homes and businesses. When they find their way into pantries, cabinets, or food storage areas, they can contaminate food items by leaving behind feces, saliva, or chemical trails. This contamination can render food unfit for consumption and pose health risks to humans.

Overall, while ants may seem innocuous individually, large infestations can lead to significant damages to property, health, and overall well-being. It’s essential to address ant infestations promptly and effectively to mitigate these risks and protect homes, businesses, and outdoor spaces from potential harm.

​Local Technicians You Can Trust in Jackson, TN

When you team up with Golden Circle, you enlist a troop of ant control specialists who know the ins and outs of our local environment and the most common ant species found in Tennessee. All of our technicians are certified and keep learning to stay ahead in the ant game.

What’s more, we always prioritize our customers’ satisfaction, offering a guarantee of re-treatment. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just give us a signal, and we’ll march right back to your anthill. With our seven-year average customer lifespan, we’re confident you’ll be glad you picked Golden Circle Exterminators for your ant control needs. Contact us today!