Chemical vs. Non-Chemical Termite Treatments: Pros and Cons 

When you think of termites, you likely imagine destructive creatures. You may think your home is free and clear of these nasty pests, but you could be wrong. Termites are not loud creatures. They may eat a lot, but that does not mean you can easily detect it. Termites often come out at night, so they may be in your home and you may not even know it. 

Termites can quickly cause a lot of destruction, so if you have them, you need to get them under control quickly. There are a couple of different treatment options available. Which is best for your situation? Here are some options to consider as well as reasons why you need to hire a professional. 

Non-Chemical Treatments

Many people prefer non-chemical treatments to kill termites, but there is some disagreement as to how effective they are compared to chemicals. Termite bait stations are environmentally friendly and often effective. Bait stations take advantage of termites’ voracious desire to consume. When termite workers come upon the termite bait, they bring its active ingredient back to the colony. Other termites forage on the bait as well, which eliminates the entire colony. Bait stations use active ingredients in lower concentrations, so this reduces the overall impact on the environment. 

Another benefit of bait is that it gets better over time. The bait becomes even more appetizing to termites as it ages. 

Borates may also be used. You may have seen Borax powder in stores, and this is an effective non-chemical termite treatment. Just mix the borax powder with water and spray it onto the colony of termites. However, you have to continue to use the mixture for a while to lessen the chances of re-infestation. 

Some pest control companies use thermal heat to kill termites. The exterminator introduces clean, dry heat into the home, typically via the use of a large fan. The temperature is gradually increased until the wood core reaches 130 degrees. The temperature is set at or above that level for at least an hour to ensure all termites in the home are killed.  

Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments are often seen as harsh and bad for the environment. Liquid termiticides often contain chemicals that can be harmful to the soil and water sources. However, they are used quite frequently by exterminators because they work so well. One of the downsides of chemicals, though, is that they break down over time. They have to be reapplied often in order to work.

In the past, a chemical called chlordane was used to eradicate termites. It was effective against ants and roaches. However, there was a lot of controversy with the chemical because of its possible health effects. This caused chlordane to be taken off the market in 1988.

Golden Circle Exterminators prioritizes the well-being and safety of our clients, and as such, we do not utilize chlordane for pest control. Recognizing the historical controversies and potential health effects associated with this chemical, we adhere to modern and approved methods that ensure effective pest management while maintaining the highest standards of safety for our clients and the environment. Our commitment is to provide reliable and responsible pest control solutions that align with current regulations and prioritize the health and satisfaction of our customers.

Today, Termidor is known as the top termite treatment. It is a liquid that has a low odor and lasts a long time. It is mixed with water and applied to the soil around the home. It is also placed in concrete and inside walls. Because it is in the ground, it is safe for children and pets. If you are interested in Termidor, you’ll need to contact a licensed pest management professional, as only they can treat your home with this chemical.

Why You Need a Pest Control Professional

While we have given you some information about termite treatments, this is a job that should be left to professionals. When termites have become an issue, you shouldn’t try to handle them on your own. Licensed pest professionals are trained in termite biology and behavior. They know how to identify termites and responsibly treat them. They use the most effective termite defense products to help prevent problems and damage over the long term. 

When it comes to termites, you need someone with good judgment. One wrong move could cause an infestation to get worse. Work with someone who knows what they are doing. When you choose Golden Circle Exterminators, you get a customized termite extermination and prevention plan that works with the unique needs of your home. 

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