Keeping Spiders Out: Tips for a Web-Free Home

It may not be so bad to see spiders outside in your yard or garden, since they kill and eat ants, aphids, mosquitoes, and other pests. But overall, they are an insect that nobody wants inside their home. 

Spiders don’t really pose a threat to humans unless they are black widows or brown recluses. And the good news is that these spiders are not aggressive toward humans. They will only bite when disturbed, so it’s not like they’ll be chasing you around the house.

It’s not necessarily harmful to have spiders inside. They can actually serve as great Halloween decorations if you want your home to look like a haunted house. All kidding aside, spiders can be a bit scary, though, as they come in various sizes. Plus, they can spin some large webs, making your home look musty and unclean. 

Spiders will live indoors if there is food for them, so if you do see them in your house, it’s likely because you have other critters taking shelter inside. Common house spiders, Southern house spiders, cellar spiders, and hunting spiders can all be found in your home

So now that you know a little more about spiders and why they are in your home, how do you get them out? Here are some tips for keeping spiders out of your house so you can live in a web-free home.

Start With the Outdoors

To keep spiders from getting indoors, you must first start with the outside areas. Do some general cleanup around the perimeter of the home. Remove anything that’s up against the house and can serve as shelter for spiders. This includes firewood, bricks, boards, and vegetation. 

Next, look around the house for bushes, trees, and other vegetation. Trim them to ensure branches are not touching the house. Spiders can use these plants to gain access to the home. 

If you see spider webs outside, use a hose to spray them down. 

Prevent Entry

Spiders can easily enter your home through small cracks and gaps. Look around your home for possible entry points and use caulk to seal them up. Look around the windows and doors. It’s also a good idea to caulk wires, cables, faucets, and electrical components that run to the outside. Cover vents with insect screens and replace any torn door and window screens. 

Clean Inside Often

Spiders are attracted to dirt and clutter, so do your part to keep your home clean. Wipe down countertops and cabinets. Sweep your floors regularly (at least several times a week). Vacuuming is also an effective way to get rid of spiders. Use your vacuum in corners and under furniture, where spiders tend to hide. 

Spiders like to hide in quiet areas, so remove boxes and clutter in rooms that are not used as often, such as attics and basements. Throw out old clothes, magazines, newspapers, and anything else you no longer use. Keep items stored in plastic containers with tight lids, not cardboard boxes.

Use Spider Control

It’s possible to have dozens or even hundreds of spiders in the home. Females lay eggs all year long, and these eggs can hatch in a matter of weeks. 

If you have spiders in the home, you can use store-bought insect exterminator options. Spider traps are effective for small infestations. They consist of non-toxic glue boards. Place them in areas where you have seen spiders, such as in corners and along walls.

Spider sprays are easy to use. You just spray them directly on spiders or areas where they frequent and the chemicals kill on contact.  However, they can leave a residue. You can use the spray along baseboards, in corners, and under furniture

Get Professional Help with Spider Control in Tennessee

It’s not hard to get a few spiders out of your home here and there, but things get tricky if 

you have a major spider infestation. It may be impossible to get them all out of your home on your own. You need prompt pest control. Count on a professional to get rid of these eight-legged pests quickly and effectively. At Golden Circle Exterminators, we offer the best insect control possible. We’ll help give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your home or yard once again. 

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Spiders can be helpful in eating insects, but it’s best to have them outdoors. Spiders can be scary-looking and messy. Nobody wants them contaminating their homes. 

Spider problems can be stressful. Count on the team at Golden Circle Exterminators to get rid of your infestation for good. We’ll make your home clean and pest-free once again. Get started with a free inspection. Call our office at (731) 668-4887.