Pest Control for Businesses: Maintaining a Pest-Free Workplace

When you think of pest problems, you may think of a dirty home. However, insects and rodents do not discriminate. There may be infestations in homes, sheds, yards, and even places of business. 

Having insects in a business is not only gross but can also lead to contamination. Businesses often have to shut down when they have pest infestations, as is the case with restaurants. After all, having cockroaches or mice in a kitchen or dining area is a health and safety issue. 

Pests can be found in office buildings as well. This is especially true nowadays. Many offices that were vacant during COVID may have had pests breeding in them. Many companies are requiring that employees return to these offices. 

You may find many pests hiding out in the office. They may include mice, spiders, ants, fruit flies, gnats, beetles, and cockroaches. These insects and rodents are all in search of food, water, and shelter. They may be confused now that they no longer have the office building to themselves, so they may be trying their best to hide. 

Recommendations for Keeping Your Office Clean

The best place for pests to be is outside. They should not be inside scaring away employees and customers. Here are some things you can do to keep your office clean:

  • Do not leave food out, as this will attract ants, mice, and other pests. Keep food in sealed containers. If there are dirty dishes, make sure they are cleaned and put away by the end of the day.
  • Keep trash cans clean. Make sure they have plastic liners, and empty them every night.
  • Don’t leave fruit on your desk overnight. Apples, bananas, and oranges can attract gnats and other pests, causing an infestation. Place fruits in the refrigerator or bring them home.
  • Keep your desk and other areas as clutter-free as possible. Don’t leave papers and debris around. Store items in cabinets, racks, or bins.
  • Don’t overwater plants. While plants should have adequate water, too much can lead to gnat infestations.

Do a Deep Clean

When employees return to the office, they are bringing food, water, and other attractants with them. Therefore, doing a thorough cleaning is very important. Here’s how to do a deep clean:

  • Remove clutter. Pests love clutter. Many offices hold cardboard boxes and various papers that can serve as nests and shelter. A crowded storage area is ideal for cockroaches and rodents. Take a look around the office and get rid of clutter, especially if the office is just reopening due to a COVID shutdown.
  • Limit food sources. Pests don’t need that much food to survive. Make sure all kitchen, break room, and food preparation areas are thoroughly cleaned. Focus on hard-to-reach spaces. Look for food trails, droppings, and musty odors, which indicate pest activity. Keep stored food in air-tight containers to keep pests out. Any opened food that has been sitting for a while should be discarded. 
  • Empty trash and garbage. For pests, garbage is like a feast. Do not leave garbage sitting out for extended periods of time. Always empty receptacles around desks daily. Also, ensure the bottoms of trash bins are regularly cleaned out to prevent buildup, which can also attract pests. 
  • Assess the exterior. Take a good look at the outside of your building as well. Be on the lookout for cracks and holes, as well as ripped screens and gaps around doors, windows, and pipes. Close up any gaps, as they can serve as entry points for pests. A hole the size of a dime is all that’s needed for mice to enter a building.

Tennessee Pest Control for Businesses and Extermination

If you do see signs of pests, it’s best to call an exterminator right away. Even if you don’t have insects and rodents now, you could later. In any case, pest control is a great idea. Opt for recurring services on a quarterly basis to ensure pests stay out. 

Having pests can be a death sentence for your business. Word gets out quickly, especially bad news. Here’s why you need professional pest control services:

  • Prevent property damage. Pests can damage wooden items and weaken a building’s foundation. Some pests, like cockroaches, can damage stock items and leave behind bacteria. If left untreated, a pest problem will likely cause significant property damage to your business.
  • Keep employees and customers safe. Pests can potentially harm your employees and customers by contaminating food sources and spreading illnesses. Some pests, like bees and wasps, can sting, causing injuries and allergic reactions. 
  • Ensure effective treatment and prevention. Eliminating pests effectively requires an accurate location of the source and method of destroying them so they don’t come back. Rely on an
  • expert to prevent re-infestation. 
  • Save time and money. A pest infestation may require downtime for pest treatment. Pests can also cause damage, which can be costly to repair. Count on a pest control professional to  eliminate pests quickly.
  • Keep your reputation intact. Pest infestations can ruin your business’ reputation. With so much technology available nowadays, news of pest issues can spread like wildfire. You will lose trust, as customers and employees want to be in a pest-free environment. Regaining trust will not be easy.

Hiring a pest control expert like Golden Circle Exterminators is the most effective way to deal with pests. 

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Maintaining a pest-free workplace is crucial for the well-being and productivity of employees. A clean and pest-controlled work environment ensures a positive atmosphere, reduces health risks, and promotes a professional and comfortable setting for everyone. Regular inspections, cleanliness practices, and prompt pest management can contribute to a more pleasant and productive workplace experience.

Golden Circle Exterminators can help you maintain a pest-free workplace. We’ll help you understand the right pest control options for your business. Schedule a free inspection by calling (731) 200-1087.